Thursday, March 26, 2009

Show update

Hello again and thank you for stopping by.

I've been away for a bit so I thought I would check in and pass along some of the latest news. I have been busy lately preparing for two upcoming shows, so its been a time of decisions and preparation. This will be my first big jump into showing my work off in a venue like this so lots to do...

My first show is my first solo show and it will be at the Heriot Bay Inn which is one of our local island resorts. It will be running from the 20Apr-18May and will feature limited edition prints on the walls through out the resort.

The second show is a group show with the Quadra Island Studio Tour in June. This is a show that the island that I live on hosts every year. A lot of island artists open their studios and let guests see what it is that we do. Here is a link to the tour page.

If your in the area please feel free to stop by and say hi.
As for the drawing board, I have one last piece to finish for these shows and I will put up an image as soon as I get it past the "ugly duckling" phase.
Thank-you K

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