Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tiny but important Update

Hello Everyone,
I'd just like to update you all on my latest goings on and why I have not been updating as of late. I am going down the road to a complete and total career change, plus a relocation move as well. I am officially retiring from the military after 23 years and moving on......I will be back at the drawing board on the other side once my studio is set up again...... so check back in a short while.
Thank you for your support,


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Kayla Doescher said...

O goodness, I didn't know you were in the military! I'll actually be commissioning in 2010 (a year late, but better late than never), and I'm hoping for an overseas base such as Kadena or Spangdahlem.

Question--do you have the original of your owl for sale? My paternal grandmother is obsessed with them and my dad really wanted to buy it for her after I showed it to him :D