Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"Special Time and Place"- Tonquin Beach

The west coast of British Columbia, Canada is home to many hidden magical places, so when it was time to compose a piece for our wedding invitation our visit to Tonquin Beach in Tofino provided easy inspiration. At the end of the path, our breath was unexpectedly caught the moment the thick rainforest parted to reveal this pristine cove. With this piece I wanted to show how we are surrounded by the extraordinary and all that is required sometimes is to take the time to look.
Thank-you for stopping by and having a peek.

Image 6"x14" pencil on Illustration Board


Ray Brown said...

Nice piece! And congratulations. Also good luck with your shows.


Terry Miller said...

What a glorious work! Think of what can be done when emotion, inspiration and beauty all come together. Great job, Kevin.

Kevin said...

Wow, what an honour to be visited by two great artists and also both successful "Birds in Art" artists! Thank-you very much for the kind words and congrats. It was in fact a very sucessful show. This piece was enjoyed by many.

SKIZO said...

Thank you for sharing
This fabulous work with us
Good creations

Arti said...

Outstanding work, Kevin.

Deanne said...

I have been to the Pacific northwest, and what a treasure trove of beauty and inspiration for an artist. I'd live there in a heartbeat, even love the rain, but the northeast coast is home, and this is where the people I love live.

Still, you are lucky to be surrounded with such grandeur. Pencil is one of my favorite mediums as well, and I always enjoy looking at the work of other artists. Thanks for posting your work!

Lydie said...

I did a tour on your previous posts and I really enjoyed myself. Great finesse and sensibility in your drawings.
British Columbia as it stayed with me for a trip a few years ago

Kevin said...

Thank-you , British Columbia is a wonderful place and I am very lucky to have it to feed off of as a source of inspiration for my art.

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