Sunday, March 07, 2010

Seeking Artistic Balance

I wanted to stop in and give you a bit of a different update. I wanted to let everyone know about some other art type things going on in my life.
I am a big believer of Yin and Yang and balance in life. In my art I am somewhat of a detail person. I think this has to happen when an artist strives for photo realistic levels of detail. All this detail can sometimes feel very mechanical and processed. I wanted to help with the balance so I needed an outlet.
My wildlife art means a lot to me and so do my other art interests. I really enjoy doing portraits and figure drawings as well in my spare time. Both finished pieces and gestural type styles. I have started attending a small weekly local artists life drawing group. It is such a different type of art and I'm having a lot of fun doing it. It forces an artist to become free and loose with your style. Especially during gesture poses and other quick poses. I am having a lot of fun with it but it is also very humbling. It is very difficult to draw from life and I am learning lots. I think it might be the balance I am looking for.
Hopefully some day I will get to the point that I feel confident enough to share some of them with you. Until then I encourage everyone out there to join a group and have a unique experience as well.

Thanks again for stopping in.


rama said...

I am Rama from India. I am not an artist, however, people from different fields fascinate me.
I agree with you, one must be able to find the right balance in everything, to be successful in whatever one wants to do in life.
The sooner we realize that we need to be balanced, the better.
I wish you the very best in your field.

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